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Zetor 25K

Member of the first series of Zetor tractors, produced by Zbrojovka Brno. It has 26 HP. The Zetor 25 was updated in 1948 and quite a number of changes and improvements were applied to the 1949 2nd generation. The model designation changed to 25 A (Allround) to differentiate from a new additional model for cultivation and row crop work, the 25 K (Cultivation).

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Zetor 6520

Never before launched prototype of 3-cylinder tractor. Prototype of 1990.

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Zetor 15

The only one-cylinder tractor Zetor has ever made. This tractor was produced from late 1947 to late 1949. Only 2 215 pieces were manufactured.

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Zetor 25 A

Modernized version of the first tractor produced by Zbrojovka Brno – “A” meaning aggregation. Performance of 26 HP. Z25A was produced from 1954 to 1961.

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Super 50

Up to the mid-60s this was the most powerful tractor with performance of 50 HP. On the dashboard, newly a device for measuring the engine speed, driving speed, and an operating hours counter. The tractor was exported to 66 countries worldwide, total of 150 506 pieces were manufactured.

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One of the first representatives of the UR I. – 1st Unified Series. For the domestic market, 1 043 pieces of Zetor 2011 model and its modifications (2012 - cultivation model and 2023 – vineyard model) were manufactured. Representing the performance-weakest model type of the UR I. intended for all types of light agricultural work.

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Narrow tractor with a low center of gravity specialized for orchards and vineyards. Produced from 1963 to 1967.

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Three-cylinder engine with performance of 45 HP. Produced from 1977 to 1980. On the basis of a license assembled abroad, mainly in Burma, Iraq and Ghana. They did not occur in the Czechoslovakia whatsoever.

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HMT 6522

In 1971 India’s largest machine tool company, State-owned HMT, entered into a licence agreement with Motokov for the local production of the Zetor tractors under HMT trademark. Four-cylinder Zetor tractor with a performance of 65 HP was produced in the Czech Republic under the name 6911.

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Crystal 12045

UR II., the result of Czech, Slovak and Polish cooperation. Six-cylinder engine, with performance of 120 HP. It was the world's first tractor with a noise level in the cabin less than 85 decibels (dB). Also manufactured in Poland under the name Ursus. In 1981, production was moved to Slovakia.

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Representative of the UR I – 1st Unified Series. Four-cylinder engine, with performance of 76 HP. 7711 was produced from 1986 to 1992.

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Proxima Cabrio

Proxima series is a successor of the tractors from the first unified range. In the version without cabin, it has been produced since 2008. Cabrio is being successfully sold to developing countries, where it’s appreciated for its easy service.